New Horizons Testimonials

Nov 2017
Dear Moscow Ballet,

I cannot thank you enough for allowing our York students this “New Horizons” opportunity.  It was truly magical for all!  The children were mesmerized and enthralled by this performance.  They were literally grateful for every "opportunity" to applaud the performers.  At the start of the performance they were cheering out-loud with great enthusiasm.  Their teachers redirected them to clap, which they did.  By the end of the show, they were so excited, they reverted back to their out-loud cheers.  It was precious!

At the end of the show, an older patron approached me to say, "The best part of the show was watching your students’ pleasure"! Thank you for making this happen.  It was an evening our students will treasure forever!  You can see their profound joy in these photos.  I wish you could have heard them.  They were so thrilled to meet the ballerina, Maria, and elated to receive her autograph and Instagram account!

We are extremely grateful to you for this very generous gift.  None of the children had ever been to a ballet before.  This was a life-changer!

All the best,
Jan Martin,
Penn State Pathways to Your Future,
York PA


Dec 2017
Hello Everyone,

I have seen The Nutcracker several times over the years done by other ballet companies, but none compare to the Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker.

It was extremely nice to meet you last evening. It was extraordinary opportunity for the [Girl Scout] girls last evening to have the opportunity to do the Q & A, photo opportunities and then the opportunity to see the show. Many of the adults I spoke to said that this was a once in a lifetime chance for their girls.
I am grateful to the Moscow Ballet and Talmi Entertainment for offering this [New Horizons program] to the girls of GSNENY, just seeing the smiles on their faces and their enthusiasm throughout their entire time at the cultural immersion classes and Moscow Ballet Great Russian Nutcracker adds much more meaning to my position at GSNENY and I’m sure yours as well.

Warmest regards,
Linda Stephen, Program Manager
Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York

Oct 2015

Olena Nalyvaiko performed Saint Saens Dying Swan at Hickory Hills Country Club in Springfield, Missouri for local children and families. Our event with Moscow Ballet dancer was just wonderful.  We had approximately 50 in attendance, 15 of which were young dancers.  Olena was so wonderful with the girls, and such a beautiful dancer!

Gabrielle Martin, Director of Marketing & Membership
Hickory Hills Country Club
Springfield MO


Moscow Ballet host dance studio Dancing with Denise sponsored New Horizons in Rochester.

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Sep 2014

The kids really enjoyed the New Horizons [Great Russian Nutcracker] event today and were very engaged.  They all seemed to be having a lot of fun.  Thank you for bringing New Horizons to our school.

Julie, Klem Elementary
Rochester NY


Fall 2013

Thank you for all that you have done to make the Moscow Ballet event happen.  Wow! Svetlana did a great job with the students. Parents have told me that it is all their children would talk about when they picked them up from school. I wish you could have seen the eyes of the children and could have heard the squeals and applause. Please know how much everyone in our school district appreciates this marvelous experience.  Svetlana is definitely a superstar in the eyes of our students and staff.”

Eleanor Powers,
Director Ellis Performing Arts Center, Latta Schools,
Latta, SC


Summer 2012

Wanted to let you know that we had celebration for Lights on Afterschool and one of our children demonstrated one of the dances that he learned from Vladimir [Moscow Ballet New Horizons Director 2012]. He was so excited. He did an excellent job.”

Karla Graziano,
Pasco County FL, PLACE Child Care Program Coordinator

Feb 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

Pasco County’s before and after school child care program, “Pasco Learning and Activity Centers of Enrichment” (PLACE) participated in Moscow Ballet’s “New Horizon’s–A Children’s Program for Life” in December of 2011. We arranged for the children of all 26 PLACE Centers to experience the innovative and hands-on three-pronged initiative espousing healthy movement, dietary and creative expression.

PLACE brought over 1,300 elementary aged children to the day of immersion which includes a full performance of Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker and they loved it. The program began the day before when the children were read the unique Nutcracker story and created Nutcracker hand puppets.

At the theatre the next day, the children were totally engaged. They executed movement exercises modeled for them by the professional dancers, they learned about good dietary guidelines, they created interactive puppet play with their bodies and their own puppets and with story lines, too. The culmination of the experience for them was seeing the professional dancers, sets and costumes portraying the beautiful Great Russian Nutcracker story. At the end of the 5-hour session, all the children leaped enthusiastically to their feet clapping and cheering!

We were so pleased with the results of this day of immersion that we are bringing four Moscow Ballet dancers to the PLACE centers for 6 weeks this summer where we will expand to a full week of immersion for every PLACE child in Pasco County! Exposure to acclaimed performances such as Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker helps PLACE bring the highest quality experiences to our children. In addition to that, the personal role modeling by the talented dancers in teaching the program’s movement and dietary guidelines is a major plus not to mention their exposure to a new and vibrant world culture.

We highly recommend Moscow Ballet’s “New Horizons–A Children’s Program for Life” as an effective teaching and learning experience for all children.

Mary Grey, Supervisor of Child Care Educational Programs
District School Board of Pasco County, Land O'Lakes, FL