Moscow Ballet Mission Statement

Moscow Ballet’s mission is to bring the highest level of Russian ballet to audiences of all ages across North America and to provide opportunities for fine arts enrichment and educational outreach for the local communities on the annual tour.

Contribute to Moscow Ballet Education Programs

“Dance with Us” student in the French Variation
“Dance with Us” student in the French Variation

“Dance with Us” student with Moscow Ballet Soloist
“Dance with Us” student with Moscow Ballet Soloist

Since 1993 Moscow Ballet has been committed to the motto "Celebrating Children…The Arts Make a Difference.” Local children in each market of the annual North American tour audition to perform with the Russian dancers on tour. As part of its educational outreach programming, more than 5,000 children participate annually in the “Dance with Us” program performing in the Great Russian Nutcracker and other classic ballets with Moscow Ballet company of dancers.

“Dance with Us” students at curtain call with Ballet Master Andre Litvinov
“Dance with Us” students at curtain call with Ballet Master Andre Litvinov

Moscow Ballet is committed to local community engagement and to educating youth on the experiences and the rewards found in the performing arts. Exposure to the arts has a positive impact with respect to both academic and personal success.

Through innovative programs including “Dance with Us”, “Musical Wunderkind,” “New Horizons – A Children’s Program for Life” and more Moscow Ballet exposes thousands of children annually to live music, dance and theatre experiences, offering them the opportunity to learn from, and share the stage with, some of the most respected performers in the world.

Why support Moscow Ballet?

Moscow Ballet arm Cultural Resources Foundation is a 501(c) 3 organization. Though self-supporting for 23 years, ticket sales alone do not allow Moscow Ballet to fully realize its multi-faceted mission to continue the creation and programming of many productions. We rely on public support not only to assist us in paying for artists’ fees and operating costs, but to engage local communities in programs that educate and challenge. Moscow Ballet engages, entertains, and inspires communities by creating experiences that stimulate new ways of thinking and living by consistently producing ballet performances, and other initiatives, that are of the highest quality and reach the broadest possible constituency.

By contributing to Moscow Ballet, you will

  • • Bring high-quality classical ballet to audiences across the United States
  • • Underwrite education and engagement opportunities in local communities
  • • Support bringing new, young audiences to live theater
  • • Foster your theatre district as a vital, inviting center of cultural activity and entertainment

Your gift will impact over 5,000 aspiring dance students annually:

$10,000 funds the New Horizons program in a city for 400 children to experience a world-class ballet performance and take away healthy life skills
$5,000 funds 200 children to experience the above
$2,500 funds 25 children to experience a week-long summer intensive
$1,000 funds a teacher’s travel and housing for a week in order to mentor student dancers in a city near you
$500 funds a teacher’s travel and housing for one-half week in order to mentor student dancers in a city near you
$250 funds one student to attend a summer dance intensive
$100 funds one student dancer’s costume
$25 funds one student dancer’s stage prop

How To Give

Print and mail this page and your gift to 27 E. Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201. To give by phone, or for more information, please contact Sally Michael Keyes (413) 499-1733 or [email protected].

Sponsorship Opportunities

Moscow Ballet has partnered with corporations of all sizes to create reciprocal value through philanthropic giving and scalable marketing programs. Opportunities for corporate support include program sponsorships, event sponsorships, annual operating support and in-kind donations and trade. For more information about corporate support opportunities, contact (413) 499-1733.

Please consider Moscow Ballet in your future philanthropy. To learn more about planned giving and its benefits, contact (413) 499-1733 or [email protected]