June 2019 Father's Day

A Tribute to Dance Dads

June 12, 2019  |  By NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet

Whether they are at every performance cheering from the audience or making up choreography with their kids in the kitchen, the support and love of Dance Dads does not go unnoticed. So, this Father’s Day, we want to pay homage to ALL the Dance Dads out there.

In honor of Dance Dads everywhere here are a few of the best moments displayed by all types of Dance Dads:

Dance Dads who dance away stage fright:

Dance Dads who are willing to learn:

Dance Dads who will make up choreography with you:

Dance Dads who don't mind an audience:

Dance Dads who aren't afraid to let it go:

Dance Dads who are there for the important moments:

Be sure to thank the Dance Dad in your life this Father’s Day and come this fall you can make your Dance Dad proud by auditioning to perform in the Great Russian Nutcracker. Imagine the pride in his eyes when he watches you dance on stage with professional ballerinas and danseurs through Moscow Ballet’s Dance with Us program!