May 2019 Exercise

May Rejuvenation!

May 17, 2019  |  By NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet

The sun is out, the birds are singing and it’s time for May Rejuvenation! Get moving and energize yourself and others after a long winter season. Here are some options…

Summer Intensives - for the first time ever Moscow Ballet presents Summer Intensives for aspiring ballerinas ages 8 to 20. Moscow Ballet soloists Yuriy Kuzo and Alisa Bolotnikova kick off week-long Summer Intensives in 9 cities across the country. The Intensives offer Russian Vaganova technique classes, character dance from the great ballets, and classic ballet repertory.

Alisa is a ballerina with Moscow Ballet and has a Teacher of Choreography Degree, Masters of Choreography, and a degree in Engineering Economics! Yuriy was leader of the Honored Dance Ensemble of the dynamic troupe "Yunist" after graduating from Lviv State College of Culture and Art. Find out more about the Summer Intensives here.

masha skoruk leading wichita master class - copyMasha Skoruk leading Wichita master class

Moscow Ballet Host Dance Studios –If you are a dance lover and want to get in shape using dance, check out the many Moscow Ballet Host Dance Studios (about 1 for every city we perform in!) that offer summer classes. From Brooklyn to LA, and Miami to Calgary, there is a dance studio near you that has top notch instructors and classes to challenge yourself with!

moscow ballet host dance studio wheeling oglebay instituteMoscow Ballet host dance studio Wheeling Oglebay Institute

Not near a city with a Moscow Ballet Host Studio? No worries! There are many other ways to get moving and in good shape. Google classes in yoga, find a local work-out gym, hike, canoe, garden, take kick boxing, go bicycling, check out YouTube exercises at your desk at work! Or take on the Skibidi challenge and see what happens like the MB dancers did! 

ballerina elena pedan stretching! rafael urazov using the tools at hand!
           Ballerina Elena Pedan stretching                                Rafael Urazov using the tools at hand