Moscow Ballet and the Olympics – where ballet and sports intersect

Moscow Ballet and the Olympics – where ballet and sports intersect

February 28, 2014  |  By Moscow Ballet

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screen shot 2016-03-07 at 4.04.33 pm Dance with Us students and parents – The last DVDs are now finished and available for sale from most 2013 tour cities. What a great memento to have of the holiday season and dancing with Moscow Ballet. Click here to find your city and order DVDs today. Orders take about 1-2 weeks to be fulfilled. (Not all performances in cities on the 2013 tour were filmed)

Moscow Ballet and Olympics ~ where Ballet and Sports Intersect

Congratulations! After answering questions relating to the Winter Olympic Games on social media, Neil S of Wichita won the Gold Prize of 10 tickets to a 2014 Moscow Ballet performance, Eugene W of MacLean VA won Silver Prize of 10 hand-made, Christmas ornament globes featuring Moscow Ballet scenes, and Reginald R of Alexandria VA won the Bronze Prize of 10 Moscow Ballet T-shirts! Have you seen Moscow Ballet’s Facebook and Pinterest posts of side-by-side images showing just how much ballet and sports reflect each other? One can easily see results of ballet training in many of the Olympic athletes, and athletic strength and versatility in the Moscow Ballet dancers. Many people cross boundaries from dance to sports and vice versa. A world class athlete for 17 years, Peter Donohoe, who competed in 2 Winter Olympic Games and on the International circuit as a Track and Field Athlete, recognizes that dancers and performers are also athletes and that building a strong body and core, helps to produce great performers. In addition to coaching Olympic athletes and race car drivers, he has been the Fitness & Conditioning Specialist for the Boston Ballet since 2007. Olympiad and three-time U.S. figure skating champion Johnny Weir was spokesperson for NBC at the Sochi Games. Weir, who spent 16 years in competitive skating and is a Russophile, has said he was inspired to become a figure skater by watching the great Russians perform and that he was coached to much of his competitive success by Soviet-trained Galina Zmievskaya. The Russians train their gymnasts in ballet from the beginning. Watch Viktori Komova’s 2012 Olympic floor exercise routine for her balletic leaps, turns and feet.
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You can shed the winter blues and unwanted pounds too! Moscow Ballet works with about 60 American Host Dance Studios nationwide in the “Dance with Us” program bringing student dancers on stage to dance side-by-side with the professional company when we are in town. Right now you can join the “Dance with Us” program by taking ballet classes locally or get your work-outs at home with Moscow Ballet Tutorial videos. According to Canyon Ranch health experts, “it doesn’t matter what type of dance you enjoy, as long as you are moving to the beat, your body benefits.” Dancing makes exercising fun, requires no special equipment (you don’t need spandex, sequins or a spray tan, but click here to get MB discounts on Capezio Dancewear) and is suitable for all ages. Whether you would like to lose weight, boost your mood, maintain flexibility or keep your mind sharp, dancing does it all! Click to find a Moscow Ballet Host Dance Studio near you and shake off those winter blues!carolina-wheeling

pala_logo_300dpi More sport oriented? That’s fine – Moscow Ballet is honored to be an advocate for the Presidents Challenge, a national program to get and keep Americans fit! The do-it-yourself PALA+ program requires physical activity: 60 minutes/day for kids, 30 minutes/day for adults, five days a week for six out of eight weeks; and the nutrition component adds a weekly healthy eating goal for a six-week period. Individuals who achieve the physical activity and healthy eating goals will receive a certificate signed by the Council co-chairs. Sign up to earn your PALA+ certificate today! Click here to download the PALA+ Moscow Ballet Nutrition Log to help you stay on track!