Simple and Fast Moscow Ballet Themed Costume Ideas for Halloween!

November 01, 2017  |  By NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet

Here are 5 ideas that are 1) For boys and girls 2) Easy to create at home and 3) Guaranteed Moscow Ballet Unique!

Need a new idea for your Halloween costume 2017? Use Great Russian Nutcracker costume designs created by Arthur Oliver as your inspiration!

For a teen, the Snow Maiden (Snegurochka) costume is a sparkling dream and a warm choice! Start with a full length blue robe (think bathrobe or prom gown) and bedazzle it with strips of fake white fur and sparkles, sparkles, sparkles using a glue gun or adhesive spray! The headdress can be created from cardboard with headband of strong elastic and bedazzled with more sparkles, fur trim and cotton balls hanging from string.

One costume for 2 children (twins?) use the Dove of Peace , exclusive to Moscow Ballet,won’t be seen on anyone else in the school costume contest! Kids each wear white tights and leotard. Use filmy white cloth (a sheet even) cut into a triangle for the base of the wing that each child wears on one arm, extend the wing using a ruler that each child holds by hand. Hot glue the material to form a sheath for the arm to fit through and hot glue Dollar Store white feathers, or scraps of white material, cut in the shape of feathers, to each wing and to a headband for headdress. Can be made for 1 or 2 children who get one wing each like the Dove of Peace in the Great Russian Nutcracker.

Pink Heaven – become a Prima Ballerina in pink in the Waltz of the Flowers tulle costume. It is a little girl’s dream and easy to pull off quickly. Use pink leotard and tights as the base. Purchase a yard or 2 of pink tulle and hot gun pleats across the top of it to fit her waist and then hot glue to the leotard leaving some room to expand at the back to get it on. Bedazzle!! Extra swatches of tulle can be added to the shoulders, used as a swag on the hips and maybe as a headpiece.

Become a limber, funny Harlequin Doll - Using a pair of red and green colored tights (one leg for each color) cutting one leg off each pair and then wearing both pairs so one leg becomes red and the pother is green. Add bright red and green tape criss-crossing on T-shirt to make a diamond pattern and add a white riffled collar that is a cotton dish towel folded in half and gathered to fit. Add glue gun gold ribbon for more color! Stuff the unused tight legs (shortened to fit), adding bells on the ends, to fashion a colorful cap.

Over 200 costumes for a company of 40 dancers were designed by Resident Designer Arthur Oliver, known for his work nationally, for the Chrismas extravaganza the “Great Russian Nutcracker.” In an unusual partnership of east meets west, Oliver designs the production’s costumes which are then hand-sewn in St Petersburg, Russia, at one of the world’s oldest theatrical shops. Celebrity costume designer  Oliver recently returned from St Petersburg, Russia where he oversaw his newest creations being hand-sewn by the experienced artisans. For Act I’s Christmas Eve Party attire at Mayor Stahlbaum’s grand home, Oliver uses rich fabrics adorned with intricate detailing to convey the characters’ statuses, “My task was to create the ambiance of Act One’s Party scene. This party reflects the sociallevels of the guests, including family and military officers, and the status of Father Stahlbaum, as mayor, who is hosting the most anticipated party of the year.”  Oliver has worked with a number of A-list celebrities including Olympia Dukakis, Raquel Welch, Alicia Silverstone and Keanu Reeves.

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