Harmonies of Art and Love: The Kinzikeev-Dymovska Story

Sep 11, 2023

“Harmonies of Art and Love” is the extraordinary tale of the Kinzikeev-Dymovska family, whose collective passion for the arts has enchanted audiences worldwide. Viktoria Dymovska, known as Viktoria Kinzikeeva, and Adel Kinzikeev, two ballet stars, joined their lives in a love story that mirrored their shared love for their craft.

Viktoria Dymovska, a renowned ballet dancer from Ukraine, emerged as a prodigious talent at a young age. Her dedication and talent led her to become an Honored Artist of Ukraine, a prestigious recognition for her exceptional contributions to the country’s cultural heritage. Viktoria’s performances, characterized by a harmonious blend of technical brilliance and artistic expression, captivate audiences, earning her acclaim in international competitions, including the Grand Prix at “Caspi Art” and “Art World.”

Adel Kinzikeev, born in Russia, embarked on his remarkable ballet journey. From his early years at the Ufa Choreographic School of R. Nureyev, Adel’s talent flourished under the guidance of V. Shapkin. He later became a principal dancer at the Moscow City Ballet, captivating audiences with his awe-inspiring performances. Adel’s illustrious career took him across the globe, earning accolades such as the Certificate of Honor for his contributions to developing art in Ukraine.


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Their paths converged in a serendipitous encounter, leading to a profound love between Viktoria and Adel. They found solace and inspiration in each other, forming a bond that would transcend their individual artistry. Together, they became an inseparable force, supporting and encouraging one another as they pursued their dreams and reached new heights in their careers.

Their love story reached new dimensions with the arrival of their daughter, Arina Adel Kinzikeeva, who inherited their artistic talent. Arina’s prodigious talent for the piano blossomed under her parents’ guidance, fostering an environment where creativity flourished. The harmonious combination of ballet and music wove a magical thread through their lives, creating a symphony of love and artistic expression within their family.

Born on a bright day in 2007 in Donetsk, Ukraine, Arina Kinzikeeva displayed exceptional musical talent from an early age, propelling her toward a path of musical excellence. At age six, Arina embarked on her musical education at the prestigious Music School named after S. Prokofiev in Donetsk. Under the dedicated guidance of her teacher, Olga Bila, she honed her skills and laid a strong foundation for her future success.

Arina recognized her immense potential and continued her studies at the Lviv Musical Lyceum, named after S. Krushelnytska, from 2014 to 2022. Here, under the mentorship of Marta Havrushko, Arina flourished, immersing herself in the world of music and further refining her craft. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she graduated with honors, receiving her diploma in secondary education.


Viktoriya Dymovska, Adel Kinzikeev and daughter Arina

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and growth, Arina sought new horizons. In 2022, she embarked on a new chapter in her musical education at the Filum Music School in Filderstadt, Germany. Here, under the tutelage of Julia Goldstein-Manz, Arina eagerly embraced the teachings and experiences offered in this new environment.

In 2023, Arina’s musical journey led her to the prestigious State University for Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. Enrolled in the preparatory class, she was mentored by the esteemed teacher Alexander Sonderegger.

“Harmonies of Art and Love” emerges as a captivating chronicle of the Kinzikeev-Dymovska family, where love and artistry intertwine to craft a timeless legacy. Their narrative, akin to a masterpiece in perpetual refinement, evolves, enriching the world with the vivid hues of their enduring passion and boundless talent.


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