Interview with Ballerina Anna Trofimova

Aug 28, 2020


May 1, 2018

Anna Trofimova, a premiere soloist at the Moscow Ballet, may be taking a break from the stage, but she’s definitely not taking a break from her career. Like many dancers right now, she’s committed to maintaining her Russian technique and staying engaged in the ballet community. We’re thrilled to have Anna offer Ballerina Body At Home, a weekly streaming fitness class hosted exclusively through the Moscow Ballet. Designed for all levels, this fun, upbeat class doesn’t require any previous dance training.
To enhance the class experience, we want you to get to know Anna on a more personal level. Check out her interview below:

1. Describe your typical day in quarantine.
My quarantine day is not much different from my normal schedule. I’m definitely a night owl. I rarely get up early in the morning since rehearsals and performances usually take place in theafternoon and evenings. My “morning”—whenever I wake up— begins with a cup of sugar-free green tea — that’s not because ballerinas don’t eat sweets, I just really love it! And luckily, I’m not out of work. I teach ballet at a studio in my hometown, work as a photo model, and of course, teach classes online to American students. Because of all of these opportunities, quarantine doesn’t bother me. At first it was hard to social distance and live without daily physical activity, but I learned to cope. I know that all of my ballet friends from different countries have continued to practice at home. It’s held us together. For ballet dancers, it’s very important to stay in shape. Our health depends on it, both physically and mentally. However, being on the stage is where we experience the most amount of inspiration. We share our skills and emotions with an audience and their energy feeds us in return. It encourages us to move forward. This endless circle of artistic life lets us feel alive! I truly hope we’ll be back on stage soon.

2. How do you connect with family and friends?
Many of my friends live in other cities and even countries. You can imagine — to talk to a classmate who lives in China, I need to get up early. To speak to friends in America, I need to stay up late. As you know, it’s not a big deal for me because staying connected is important. With those who live in Ukraine, I’m in touch around the clock (specially with crazy ones who are awake at night lol)!

  1. 3. What do you do for enjoyment?
  2. I enjoy editing photos, rollerskating, and listening to my favorite band, Queen. And of course, chatting with my friends.

  3. 4. What skill have you discovered during this time?
  4. I’ve mastered new software! Now I can be a content editor. This is the one and only thing that makes me sit in the same spot for a few hours — it’s a really big discovery!

  5. 5. What can we expect from your Moscow Ballet streaming fitness class, Ballerina Body At Home?
  6. Teaching fitness is my second big discovery! Unlike normal sports, ballet movements strengthen the muscles by making them long, not bulky. That’s why ballerinas look very graceful and have great power in their legs. Ballet-inspired workouts are the best way to get in shape — plus there’s fantastic music and it elevates one’s mood. Anyone would love it, I know I do!

Stay up to date with Anna through her instagram @miss_anna0303.

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