2022 Kissy Doll Nutcracker


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Let this exclusive Kissy Doll Nutcracker! Magic of Christmas Ballet! hand painted 12″ wooden classic Nutcracker be part of your Christmas collection!  Sitting on a branded stand she will be the reminder of Christmas magic and Nutcracker! Magic of Christmas Ballet!

This Kissy Doll Nutcracker straight out of The Nutcracker! Magic of Christmas Ballet.  She wears the one-of-a-kind Ribbon-Candy Tutu as seen in the show.

Interesting tidbit: The stage version of the Kissy Doll costume’s bodice is woven from almost 100 yards of decorator ribbon and 30 yards of tulle make up the tutu skirt. The costume weighs about 10 pounds, one tenth the weight of the ballerina wearing it.