Tips for Tackling The Great Russian Nutcracker Audition

Jul 5, 2017


July 5, 2017

Auditions are a very important part of a dancer’s life. At a Moscow Ballet “Dance-with-Us” audition The Russian Audition Directors are looking for ability to follow direction, technical skill, good ballet form and positive attitude. Here are pointers for presenting your Best Ballerina self to the Moscow Ballet Audition Director!

  1. A Moscow Ballet Audition is not like a Dance Competition

It’s vital to understand that in auditions, it’s not the “best” dancer that gets the role, but the one that fits the artistic criteria needed for the role/s. Approach your audition with confidence in your own unique abilities and be yourself while dancing – your best skills will naturally shine through!

2. Take Care of Your Body before the Audition

This is another very common mistake dancers make. Doing the opposite is the way to go: Sleep well, eat very well (get enough proteins, good fats and lots of veggies – reduce sugar and carbs) and train normally. Be smart about it!

3. Use Meditation Before an Audition

Plan ahead and prepare a meditation to take care of stress for you about 30 minutes to an hour before the start of the audition.

4. Arrive Fully Prepared

Pack everything you’ll need the night before so you are 100% prepared. Pack a spare of everything, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. We suggest tights, hair pins, leotard, two pairs of slippers and pointe shoes and of course at least 1 container of water.

 5. Breathe! – Auditions can be Fun Experiences

Stay calm, relaxed, and treat the audition like a ballet class. Go in feeling confident, enjoy yourself, and have the highest hopes for your ballet future!

 6. Remember – Everyone is in the Same Boat!

It is easy to be impressed by all the other dancers around you in an audition. Keep in mind that everyone is wanting to get a part. By realizing this and focusing on your own unique attributes, you will be miles ahead!

QUICK LIST of Do’s and Don’ts 

DO – Clap to thank the Audition Director at the end of the audition

DO – Know the name of the Audition Director

DO – Focus on the material being shown. Watch for all details. The goal is to get everything correct in one showing.

DO – Begin all exercises well. Finish them well.

DO – Pay attention to directions (example: “numbers 1-5 go first”)

DO – Be expressive in your face, smile, be graceful, be passionate, be energetic etc…

DO – Believe in yourself!

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