Nutcracker Ballet - Amherst (MA)

About Host Studio: The Center

At The Center, children spin stories from movement using classical and modern dance techniques. Sister duo Ashley and Caddy Carlisle combine their years of dance training in the Pioneer Valley, New York City, and Montreal with a special approach to teaching that gets kids reading, writing and dancing, as well as connecting, collaborating and creating.  It’s a holistic approach to dance. In classes geared to children and teens of all ages, kids combine elements of what they imagine with what they observe to create movement that is inventive, entertaining, and deeply satisfying.

About the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center

The UMASS Amherst Fine Arts Center seeks to engage and inspire the campus and regional communities in the arts through a broad array of exemplary performances, exhibitions, and educational programs. Since its founding in 1975, the UMass Fine Arts Center has been a central force in the cultural, social and academic life of the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. The Fine Arts Center's combination of educational, visual, and performing arts programs not only makes the venue unique, but it also secures a very vital and necessary position to meet the diverse needs of scholars, faculty, students, alumni and the broader community. Close to 50,000 people attend performing arts events and exhibitions annually and 51 projects are funded through the UMass Arts Council. There are about 90 performances and 3o exhibitions annually. The venue offers a variety of stellar arts and education programs. Each program engages its audience with a unique, curatorial vision appealing to different individuals and groups both on and off campus. Combined, these programs fulfill the Center's mission by providing affordable access to high quality arts programming while being engaged in public service that advances knowledge and improves lives.