Yurisa Haruki

Yurisa Haruki debuts in the Principal Female role of Clara in the triumphant return of NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet to the West Coast.

From the tender age of 3, Yurisa Haruki embarked on a captivating journey into the world of ballet, her passion ignited at the renowned Homura Tomoi Ballet School. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors such as Makio Homura, Toyoko Miyamoto, Keio Homura, and Satomi Sugiyama, she bloomed into an extraordinary prodigy of the art form.

Her rise to prominence was marked by unforgettable performances that left audiences spellbound. In 1998, she graced the stage as a young talent in Kansai Nikikai’s enchanting production of “Madame Butterfly,” and in 2001, she once again mesmerized as a child performer in K Ballet Company’s unforgettable rendition of “Sleeping Beauty.”


As her talent blossomed, Yurisa’s star continued to ascend. In 2011, she earned the prestigious Youth Asian Grand Prix Award at the 1st Asian Grand Prix in Hong Kong, a defining moment that showcased her exceptional skill and dedication to her craft.

In 2014, Yurisa embarked on an exhilarating journey with the Homura Tomoi Ballet Company, where she flawlessly blended artistry and emotion, bringing each role to life in a way that enraptured all who witnessed her brilliance.

Throughout her career, Yurisa has earned numerous accolades and recognition for her phenomenal artistry. In 2017, she claimed the coveted 1st place in the Senior Division of the Osaka Prix Classical Ballet Competition, followed by another triumphant victory in the 11th P.B.K Kyoto Ballet Competition.

A rising star with an unyielding passion for her craft, Yurisa continues to shine brightly on the stage.  The pinnacle of her success came with her unforgettable portrayal of Medora in ‘Pirates,’ a performance that earned her the esteemed 2019 (74th) Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Newcomer Award and in 2022, she claimed the leading role in the 48th Ballet Art Theater’s “Paquita,” a mesmerizing performance that won her the prestigious Osaka Cultural Festival Award Encouragement Award.

Yurisa’s versatility knows no bounds, as she gracefully dances through an impressive repertoire of leading roles and solo performances. From Paquita to Cinderella, from Clara to Odile in “Swan Lake,” she effortlessly captivates audiences with every step, infusing each role with her unique touch of magic.

Her illustrious career has led her to share the stage with esteemed dancers, including the exceptional Yasuomi Akimoto of the Tokyo Ballet, as she continues to bring her enchanting presence to stages far and wide.

In 2023, the world will beat witness to Yurisa Haruki’s extraordinary talent firsthand as she takes on the captivating role of Maria in “Cavalry Rest” during Homura Tomoi Ballet’s June performance and then takes on the US for the most magical holiday tradition NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet,


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