From Evergreens to Enchanted Scenes: A Twinkling Tale of Christmas Trees

Dec 18, 2023

Astana Opera Orchestra

The Glittering Gem: NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet’s Christmas Tree

Now, prepare to be dazzled by the pièce de résistance – the Christmas Tree backdrop in NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet.  Imagine a Christmas tree so grand it could rival the tallest skyscrapers, adorned with an abundance of twinkling lights and ornaments so splendid they could outshine the stars themselves. This tree is the epitome of botanical opulence.

This iconic scene takes center stage in the ballet, infusing it with an unparalleled sense of joy, wonder, and enchantment – reminiscent of the Christmas trees we lovingly decorate in our own homes. NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet, set against this resplendent backdrop, captures the very essence of the holiday season, transporting us to a realm of dreams and delights.

Share Your Family Tree for a Chance to Shine!

And now, festive families, we invite you to become part of this enchanting tale.

1) Share a photo of your beautifully decorated tree
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You may find yourself the fortunate recipient of a Platinum Package for your entire family to attend the 2024 show!


A Timeless Tale: The History of Christmas Trees

Let’s journey back to an era when civilizations from every corner of the globe celebrated the winter solstice with a touch of elegance – by adorning evergreen trees. These majestic trees symbolized life and hope during the darkest days of the year, a touch of sophistication in a time gone by.

Medieval Germany: Where Tradition Blossomed

Fast forward to medieval Germany, circa the 16th century. It was in this region that the seeds of a remarkable tradition were sown. Families began to embellish their homes with resplendently decorated trees to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Picture candles casting a warm, inviting glow, apples, and ornaments so exquisite, they could have graced the halls of a palace.

The Global Spread of a Time-Honored Tradition

As time flowed like a graceful river, this cherished tradition embarked on a journey across continents. It traversed Europe’s rich tapestry and eventually found its way to the shores of North America, carried by the waves of German immigration. The flickering candles of yesteryear gracefully gave way to the safety of electric lights, and the ornaments, once simple, became intricate works of art.


Hot ticket…magnetic sense of theater

New York Times

Technically supreme dancing, dazzling… authentically opulent…

Technical prowess was…truly “great”…whimsical sets and giant animal stick puppets and colorful costumes … stellar Arabian Variation…breathtaking!

“Christmas cheer…Virtuosity…bravura expertise”

“Commitment to the theme of Love and Peace”

“Hot Ticket…Knockout… Kids wide-eyed”

“Few pack the punch!”

Detroit Free Press

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