NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet’s Unprecedented Collaboration with Members of the Astana Opera Orchestra

Oct 23, 2023

In a harmonious convergence of artistic brilliance, NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet and members of the Astana Opera Orchestra are set to redefine the essence of classical ballet. This isn’t your typical collaboration; it’s a symphonic tale of magic and music, where tradition meets innovation, and two worlds unite to craft an unforgettable Nutcracker experience.

Astana Opera Orchestra

The Epitome of International Synergy

The collaboration between NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet and members of the Astana Opera Orchestra is a striking example of international synergy. Together, they have embarked on an audacious journey to record Tchaikovsky’s original full Nutcracker Score. This collaboration brings a world-class symphonic interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s timeless score to over 86 cities across North America. The union of Astana Opera and NUTCRACKER! resonates with the spirit of global harmony, emphasizing the universal language of music. Our aim is for our melodies to provide a serene backdrop to this festive season.

The Confluence of Magic and Music

This exceptional partnership promises an unforgettable Nutcracker experience that transcends the ordinary. Picture the enchanting world of ballet seamlessly intertwining with the symphonic brilliance of the Astana Opera Orchestra. It’s a fusion of artistry and talent that will leave you spellbound. This monumental undertaking has brought together musicians from the esteemed Astana Opera Theatre to record the timeless score for the NUTCRACKER! stage.

Stay Tuned for the Grand Overture 

As NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet and the Astana Opera Orchestra join forces to create this masterpiece, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on this spectacular collaboration. Get ready to witness a performance that transcends boundaries and redefines the magic of the Nutcracker.

ONLY IN BALTIMORE: Grammy Award Winning Conductor Michael Repper leads the Orchestra of the NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet in productions of NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet each season in Baltimore, MD. Along with regular engagements in the mid-Atlantic, his international credits include a recent debut with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra in Brazil, the Artes Nazionale Orchestra in Florence, Italy, and Wollongong, Australia. He regularly conducts the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and has been invited several times to conduct the St. Louis Symphony and other major professional orchestras. He is an avid pianist, having performed several times alongside his own orchestras while conducting from the piano. Mike is the Music Director of the Northern Neck Orchestra in Virginia and served as Assistant Conductor of the Concert Artists of Baltimore for five years. Michael enjoys a full schedule of guest conducting, most recently premiering a concert of new music with the Grammy-Nominated Metropolis Ensemble, and leading the NY-based ensemble Camerata Notturna.

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