Attention Aspiring Ballerinas and Danseurs!

Aug 1, 2018


August 1, 2018

August to October Moscow Ballet Audition Directors travel to each tour city to audition local ballet students, ages 7 to 18, for roles made for their skill sets to perform in the Great Russian Nutcracker side-by-side with the professional company! Sign up for an audition in your city. Read and below to get to know all about the Audition Directors this year! Who will your “AD” be?

Alisa Bolotnikova has a Teacher of Choreography degree and most recently graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Culture with a Masters of Choreography. She also attended the National Academy of Municipal Economy and graduated as Engineer Economist in 2002! Roles that are her specialty include Gypsy Dance in Don Quixote, Marjana in The Arabian Nights and Isadora Duncan in the mother role.

Bogdana Kopiy started her Ballet and Classic Choreography studies at the historic Lviv National University of Culture and Arts receiving a degree as Ballet Artist and Educator. She has participated in ballet competitions and performed at Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, a 100+ year old institution.

Yuriy Kuzo premieres in 2018 as Moscow Ballet Audition Director, after touring with Moscow Ballet for 3 years. Yuriy was accepted at Rushnychok Academy studying performing art, choreography, vocal and acting skills, history of theatre and of traditions. He won an award for a choreographic composition called “Greek Suite” and was invited to share it at an international seminar in Athens, Greece!


Maria Morari remembers her very first costume: a red tunic with a red flower on her head! After college, she taught gymnastics and ballet to children while performing at the national theater. Her most unusual experience was when she replaced a dancer during a performance, from being a spectator in the hall, and was on stage in 30 minutes, without makeup or hair done, only a costume!

Olena Pedan was invited to audition for Danish choreographer Erik Sörensen at Paris’ Moulin Rouge! In 2006 she graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Academic Theater of Opera & Ballet and simultaneously received a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Media Communications.Shealso has a musical education playing piano.

Mariia Skoruk, at just 10 years old, was invited to attend the famous ballet school of the Kiev State Opera and Ballet Theater. She earned “Honorable Mention” at 5th Serge Lifar International Ballet Competition and graduated with a “Diploma of Distinction” for her Choreographic Teaching Degree from the National Pedagogical University!

Anna Trofimova took part in International Ballet Festivals “Grand Pas” & “World Stars Ballet” where she met famous dancers Vladimir Vasiliev, Svetlana Zakharova, and Diana Vyshneva! She was accepted at the National University of Culture and Arts, and only two years later, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Ballet Arts. She has held positions as ballerina, teacher, and instructor at a choreographic camp.

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