Unwrapping Holiday Magic: NUTCRACKER! Office Staff’s Festive Traditions

Nov 9, 2023

The air is filled with the sweet scent of holiday traditions, and at NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet, our office staff knows how to make the season truly enchanting. In this heartwarming blog post, let’s dive into the cherished holiday rituals that warm our hearts and bring us closer together.

Audrey Ryan’s Cocoa & Classic Movie Tradition – Audrey’s holiday tradition is all about coziness and classic entertainment. She and her mom whip up homemade hot chocolate, and when the mugs are filled to the brim, they settle in to watch the timeless “Muppet Christmas Carol.” It’s not officially the holiday season for Audrey until this delightful duo is on the screen. And let’s not forget her mini Christmas tree, a tradition she shared with her dad. While it’s been a few years, Audrey has her sights set on rekindling this heartwarming tradition soon.

Jamie Sterner’s Cookie Connection – Jamie’s holiday season is a mouthwatering adventure in the kitchen. She and her sister dive into baking Christmas cookies using their mom’s beloved recipes. The house fills with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked cookies, a fragrant reminder of the love and togetherness that define this season.

Jocelyn Guelce’s Friendship Fiesta – Jocelyn teaches us that family is not just about blood ties. Her favorite holiday tradition is the annual “Friendsgiving” celebration, a tradition that took root in high school and is now a remarkable 10 years strong. It’s a testament to the power of friendship and unity during the festive season.

Introducing the Family Tradition Contest

But we’re not stopping there! We want to hear about your cherished holiday customs too. Share your favorite traditions in the comments section of our contest social post on Monday, November 13, 2023 and you could win an exclusive NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet experience.

Join the conversation with these hashtags: #NutcrackerTraditions #HolidayMagic #FamilyTraditionContest #NutcrackerBallet #ShareYourJoy ūüéĄūüĆü‚ĚĄÔłŹūü時ú®ūüéĀ

Let’s spread holiday cheer and create unforgettable memories together. We can’t wait to hear about your traditions and share in the magic of the season!

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